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MyPicsMap by Webzardry

I like to improve the user experience around cool Web 2.0 services. I really love Flickr, the best online photo manager out there. So, MyPicsMap was born!

In combination, I also developped these tools:

If you want an advertising link on Mypicsmap or if you want to contact me, use the form provided here: Webzardry contact form.


Special thanks to: , Google maps, this website is built on top of the excellent Kohana PHP 5 Framework, photos overlay with Clearbox, icons by iampaddy, fasticon and all of you!



Welcome to MyPicsMap!

MyPicsMap is a cool application for viewing Flickr photos on a fullscreen Google map. You can view photos of a Flickr user by entering his username or view photos from a specific photoset or just explore the world through everyone's eyes.

This username is not a valid Flickr user. Check that
https://www.flickr.com/photos/ really exists.
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